Monday, January 08, 2007

Boulder..... Nightmares revealed

There i was, as many times before, a two year old sitting in the living room playing with my toys. This is normally where the bad things replace the good, but not this time. I was still playing with my toys when a white furry boy the same age as me came tottering in.

"evin', evin', Mom wants you!" he spoke slowly.

I answered without thinking, "NO!" suddenly i fell hard on my butt and began crying as i looked up and saw moms portal disappear.

"Hush that crying right now 'fore i give ya something to cry about." That was dad, he was sitting at the table drinking a warm cup of tea.

"Raymond! Don't be mean to the boy! I'm sorry baby, mommy didn't mean to bring you in so high." Mom scooped me up and had quieted me to sniffles, when the boy that looked like a polar bear cub, came teettering in.

"Dad w-why dont you use porchtals?" He asked, as mom and dad exchanged glances.

"Well baby, mommy is special, but no one is aloud to know." Mom answered.

"O'tay" he replied not really caring in the first place.

"So how would my two handsome boys like to go with mommy to the store?" Mom asked.

"YAY!!" we both said in unision.

"haha ok then, kevin go get cleaned up and get ready." Mom laughed.

As i did what i was told to do, the other boy had mom and dad laughing by sitting on his butt and barking like a dog, all the way until it was time to leave. Mom picked up the other boy, and dad grabbed me, they strapped both of us into our car seats. Then mom gave dad a kiss and got in the car, and began driving to the store.

"Music! music!" the other boy started to chant.

"Alright, alright" Mom laughed and began singing the song we sometimes sing on the way home, "Gotta pee, gotta pee, gotta pee,,, oh man i've got to got to got to GO PEEEEEEEE..."

"Mom!!" both of us boys said and laughed.

"What? that wasn't the music you wanted?" Mom laughed.

"Nooo.." we said in chorus laughing.

"Alright, Alright here ya go Ronnie. " Mom faked a sigh as she turned on the radio, and tuned it to 99.1 . Ronnie and me did a two year olds version of singing along as mom laughed from up front.

When we got to the store mom unbuckled us, and held our hands while we walked towards the Quick Stop Grocery. As we walked inside it was if we walked into a playpen, mine and Ronnies eyes lit up with ideas for fun.

"Now you and your brother behave yourselves you hear?" Mom's stern voice crashing any idea we had, as if she'd been psycic and knew our plans.

"Yes mam" We replied.

Not fifteen minutes later as mom was trying to get something from the top shelf, i started to walk down the isle, then i heard. "Evin, evin, where you going?" I turned on my brother, "shush" i whispered holding a finger to my lips, as i looked to see if mom had heard, but ronnie's small voice didn't carry. I began tottering off again and out of sight of mom with ronnie hot on my heals. Looking back to check for mom and to check on Ronnie, i didn't see the man and i ran into him full force knocking me backwards. As we looked up a smooth voice came down, "Hello little ones"

"We can't talk to you!" I told the man.

"And why is that?" He asked.

"'Cause mommy told us never to talk to strangers." I replied.

"But your mommy isn't here now is she?" He said as he smiled, revealing two long fang.

"Mommy!!!!" we screamed as we ran, then i was stopped by Ronnie's voice.

"evin help, evin help!!!" Ronnie screamed crying.

The man had him by his fur/hair and was trying to bite him. The funny part was everytime he tried he'd get a mouth full of hair as ronnie squirmed trying to loose himself. I ran back and kicked the man in the one place dad always told us too if one of use were in trouble. "Let him go!" i screemed pulling ronnie's arm as the man released him and held his groin. Me and Ronnie ran back towards the isle that mom was in, screaming for her and crying. She came around the corner and dropped to her knees hugging us close.

"What's wrong babies?" she asked.

"Stranger...." Ronnie started.

"Tried to bite us." i finished.

Mom looked over our shoulders towards the man who was slowly getting up, barring his fangs at us. Then mom did something she never does, she opened a portal inside the store, in front of everyone, then i felt the soft carpet of dads study.

"What the hell?!! Dawn are you alright? i thought you were at the store? " questioned dad as he spun away from the plans that were on his desk.

"Vampires!" Mom said, and dad went white.

Dad didn't stay still, he began gathering his guns and handed one to mom, who was trying to stop us two boys from crying. Then dad and mom both stopped talking and all that was heard was our crying. Mom and dad covered our mouths, and then we all heard the small scratching from the front door. we walked out and saw the door handle wiggle, then dad unloaded four shots into the door. What happened next is normally where my nightmares begin, the doors broke open, and the widows burst. Dad began firing all over the place, as he yelled across his shoulder over the shots.

"Get the boys to the study and lock the door!!!"

Mom ushered us into the small room and locked the doors just as dad told her too. The gun shots went on what seemed like for ever, and then all of a sudden stopped. once again all that was heard was us boys crying. It wasn't long till we heard the scratching at the study door. Mom opened two portals one was very cold and the other was green, but rocky.

"Now there are good people there, " She said pointing to each portal. "I love you, you know that right. Don't worry they can't track you seperatelly that far apart."

"Y-y-your comming too right mommy?" Ronnie asked bawling.

"No, the scent would be to strong and reconizable."

"I don't wanna go!!!" i cried.

"You...." mom didn't get to finish, the door had came down, and in came the stranger from the store.

"I'm soo sorry mommy, please don't leave.." I bawled, and the stranger laughed an started to walk forward. Mom quickly pushed us into the portals, Ronnie going to the artic and i was headed for the mountains. "MOMMMMMYYY NOOOOO!!!!!!!" our screams and crying echoed in my head as the portal closed and everything went dark.............................................................................................


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Saturday, January 06, 2007

The KING!!!

"Hello boys ..... hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha" The king laughed as we looked up.

The king was massive, he was about my size in my rock form and had strange armor on too. He rose from his seat and thats when i saw the girl in the corner with her head burried in her knees. She had no binds at all, and seemed to be creeping further from the king until she heard him speak. She looked up and her eye's went big, but i guess that's becuase she's prolly never seen a two ton boulder man before.
Then she did something i didn't expected, she started screaming at us.

"Polar, RUN!!! it's a trap. HE wants to kill ye!" The girl screamed.

"Aww... now you've ruined the surprise. Just for that you live long enough to watch him die..." The king barked at her.

"YOU leave rose alone! You'll be the one who dies today." Polar yelled at the king.

"What a big mouth you've got, and what a much bigger present you've brought me. Two mutants, what a wonderful event. I think i'll kill you both, then your powers will be mine." The king laughed as he stepped forward.

Polar angrily sends off a set of spikes, but the king laughs as he knocks them away with armored hands. With an angry growl Polar charges the man, icing over his hands, once again the man laughs and as polar goes to throw his punch, the kings hand flew up and Polar was launched backwards. Polar was pinned, though he tried all his might, he could not move any part of his body, and the king laughed keeping his hand pointed on him. Then Polar began screaming as i watched his ribs begin to cave in, as the king closed his hand. I couldn't just stand there, I rushed the king, throwing all my weight at him. I was almost to him when my steps alerted him to my attack, and with a quick spin he hit me like the full force of a train with his fist and sent me sliding backwards one the marble floor. As i struggled to pull myself up i noticed Polar was on his knees holding his ribs, looking at me then at the king. It dawned on me, for all the power the king had already stolen from other mutants in the past, he could only focus his stolen powers on one target at a time. Seeing that i figured it out, Polar nodded to me as he shakily rose to his feet, as well as i did.

" Ohh? you want more? that's alright the hard way is always more fun!" The king cooed.

"NOW!" Polar screamed and we both ran at the king, runnin like a pair of cheetahs.

The king barely had time to block the attack. He used a dampaning shield to block Polars hit, and took mine square in the stomach. As he bent over i saw him raise his hand again, and i felt every muscle in my body go stiff. It was as if i had become a gaint living statue, Then i could feel the air rushing by. I hit the wall going about forty, as i fell from the indention i saw the king block another of polars punches and backhand him away. The king then turned towards me as i rose up from the floor, and a wicked smile spead across his face.

"You die first!" He yelled.

"Ha you can't kill me, give me your best shot! nothing Hurts me this way." I snapped back.

"Oh but i can kill you in your human form, how about we change you back?" He laughed.

"Y-Y0u cant" I muttered.

"Oh but i can, and i have the perfect way too, and i don't even have to focus to do this!" As he said that he flicked open his hand at me, but my muscles didn't stiffen. No instead something much worse happened. I screamed out in pain, holding my human head as i fell to my knees.....then they began.............THE NIGHTMARES!!!!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Attack

As we started to jog towards our enemies, i started to unsling my axe. With a deep roar our leader sprinted forward, leaving us to fall behind running, trying to catch up. He was almost to the gate when the Arrows started to fall around me. The man to my left took a fatal one in the chest, and fell back without a sound. Another in front of me took two in his leg, his screams matched the ones from a hundred others. Then once again our leader roared, hushing all the screams. He charged the stone gate at full force, knocking it back like a wall of feathers. The screams from the men inside being smashed by the gate traveled to the injured and gave them the strength to keep moving forward. We all ran faster than normal intent on helping our general so to say, But when i reached the gateway i stopped in amazement. There was our leader, completely surrounded, yet he was winning, taking down soldier after soldier.

One charged me, with out thinking i shut my eyes and swung my axe out. Now if i had been as seasoned as them i probably would've killed the guard, but even so, as i opened my eyes there was the soldier there laying on the ground clutching his sword in one hand, and the other hand clutching at the place his leg use to be. I stepped up to him, but i couldn't finish his life, it just felt wrong and an unfair fight. So as the man raised his weapon, i did nothing to stop him. Just as he was about to swing a spear sprouted from his thoat. The soldier laying dead shook me out of my sympathy, as i watched the thrower of the spear running by not worrying to stop to pick up his weapon, locking hand to hand combat with a small dagger. Realizing that i would have to kill to save lives, i jumped into fighting, mainly keeping them from killing me and aiding others who were beginning to lose. Then i saw a soldier slipping through the crowd, as i followed his line of sight i saw who he was going for. I began shoving people aside, soldiers and my own, killing guards that swung at me. I took many cuts and injuries, but i kept pushing towards the man who was silently moving through the crowd towards an unprotected back. The man reached his target raised his sword, and as the man began it's decent i lunged forward closing my eyes, awaiting the bite of the sword................................

Friday, December 29, 2006

Volunteering.... and Keeping a promise.

As i reached the hut, i heard a mans voice comming from the inside and it wasn't matt's. I stood by the door to listen to the inside conversation, preparing to run in as i grabbed the axe, listening for any hint that matt may be in trouble. then i heard the mans voice and matt talking again.

"Matt we need ye, jus not in dat way." said the man.

"Well ye need what me knows, so let me fight!! me have rights to fight jus as anyone else."

"Matt stop being a mule!! ye know yer to old to be fighting. da kings guards would rip through ye."

Understanding a little of what was going on i knocked on the door, being called in by matt. The man whose voice i didnt reconize was of a normal hight stocky man, who'd looked as if he'd been without rest for a while. Matt motioned for me to sit while he and the man finished the business at hand.

"Now matt can ye give me the map?" the man asked like he had done it already many times.

"NO! not unless ye let me fight too.. I want me vengance too." Matt replied loudly.

"so ye gonna let sweet rose rot in that castle, jus cause ye be to stubborn to understand ye be to old to fight now!!!" Said the man losing his composure for a second.

The mention of the girl triggered something in me, then i remembered the girl being dragged away unconscious. Not knowing why i did it, or what came over me i spoke up, "I'll fight for you Matt, i'll get you your revenge. Please that girl needs help."

Matt seemed to ponder for a moment then sighed. "alright Robert, i'll give ye the maps, IF my friend here can fight in my stead."

The man named Robert seemed to eye me for what seemed like years when he finally agreed, and pulled forth a couple sheets of parchment and began writing as matt told every detail of the inside of the castles. I was confused. How did Matt know all this? When matt had finished with the maps he offered Robert a place to sleep, but he declined. He said he had other people to rally up. I sat staring at Matt long after Robert had left. After a while he seemed to give in and spoke.

"I bet ye be wondering why me know so much?" He asked, but all i could manage was a nod.

"Well come wit ye, and foller me. me've got something for ye as i tell ye." He answered my silence, as he stood up and walked back to his room. I followed and as he opened a chest he began tellin me a story.

"Ye see me use to be one of da guards, had it good me did. Then one day deys come to me and says, ye gotta kill this here boy." Matt pulled out a big metal ringged shirt and held it up to me, it wouldn't fit, so he went back into the chest." Da boy was no more then a youngin, and all he did was take food for his ma." He pulled out a small daggar and belted it around my ankle. " Me told em that me not be killin that boy. den they dismiss me from the castle and send me and me wife to live out here." He pulled out a massive axe, that seemed to develope him. It looked as it was going to crush him when i reached out and grabbed it. "Den ye know rest, me wife got sick and cause me didn't kill da boy she got no healing. " Lastly he pulled out and tied to me the strap that held the battle axe to my back. " Ye fight with honor. Now go get yer some sleep." Matt ushered me out of the room and as i walked away i heard him saying a prayer for me.

The next morning i was sent to the place where Robert had told everyone to meet. With weapons attached and sharp i headed out of matts with him staying in his room the entire morning. When i got to the place they told me to go, there was already many people there armed with different weapons. i caught a glimps of Robert talking with a man that looked very familar. If i could of had a better look i might have been able to tell who it was. It wasnt soon after i got there that i heard the orders being passed among the ranks of people there. Then seconds later the famiular man began leading the mob towards the castle. Once again i caught a glimps of the mans face and once again i got the feeling i knew him, but just as quick as i saw it, it was turned and i was staring at the back of many heads but the main one being a redish brown dirty haired leader. If you told me what would happen next i would call you a liar........

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Boulder.... TiIIIMMMBBERRR>>>

As i hit the tree line it was starting to cool and darken, i set the ax next to a big oak. huh i remembered the name of the tree, and all the others around. After resting a while against the huge tree waiting for twilight to finish, i picked the ax up and looked around in the moonlight. There was a small elm close to the oak, and i decided that was better than trying to hew through this behemeth. i rubbed my hands and gripped the axe tight, i pulled back and pulled the axe forward in at an angle. SSSSThock! The blade bit into tree trunk leaving a scar about a blade deep. I pulled back again, and this time brought the blade at the oposite angle. SSSthock! again the blade bit into the wood, creating a V shape. The tree took a good 5 swings before it began to fall. i put my hands to my mouth, and not knowing where it came from hollered "TIIMMBBBER!!!"

Once the tree was layed out on the ground, i took my time cutting the logs to the right size. a wolf howled out in the night, and i knew it was time for me to be headed back. i took what was left of the tree and rolled it over by my oak, then i grabbed two heavly thick set of branches and set the stack of wood and axe on them. the Wolf howled again this time closer, with him looming nearer put speed to my feet as i grabbed both sets of branches and began dragging them away to the hut. On my way back i passed a group of soldiers heading down the road, There was many of them. luckiely their armor told me they were commin long before they got to me so i was able to stay out of the way. Then i noticed something wierd, there was a girl being drug unconsciece between two guards, they were all headed towards the castle.

Out of instict i moved myself closer, preparing to help the girl when i noticed more soldiers running down from the road comming from the castle looming high in the distance. my advance had caused a bird to fly from a bush nearby and what seemed to be the captian stared hard in my direction trying to pierce the night. Luckily for me he couldn't, and shrugged it off, though he kept looking behind him time and again before he got outta eye site. That was puzzling, i must ask matt about this when i get back. And i began my last run back to the house. i just hope that girl will be alright for a short time....

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Boulder...wakey wakey

"Come on son, yas food be getting cold" The man said as he lightly shook me awake.

i yawned and stretched as i opened my eyes and smelled a sweet smell comming from the fireplace. Once the man was satisfied that i was awake, he went about just like i hadn't slept. He grabbed two wooden bowls and two wooden mugs from a shelf and went over to the fireplace, where he pulled out the pot and a kettle. He dipped out two big ladle scoops of soup into each bowl and poured a strange liquid into the mugs. The man pushed the pot and kettle back close to the fire, then walked over to where i was still sitting in the chair. He handed me a bowl and mug and went and sat across from me in a wooden chair.

"tuck in, don't wanna let it get cold" the man said as he started to eat his soup.

"mmmmm....... this is goood" I said as i tasted the delicously flavored soup.

"Thank ye" the man chuckled between mouthfulls.

As i ate i decided to try the strange beverage the man had poured for me. As i pulled the mug up to my lips, the sweet smell and taste of honey came flooding through my lips and gums, straight to my stomach where it gave me a warm feeling. The man chuckled some more as i drank deeply of the sweet drink. WoW this man was a great cook, i asked for seconds of both soup and beverage twice. When i had finished the man took the bowl from me and put it in a small barrel and poured me some more of the sweet drink. As he sat down across from me with his own beverage, he eyed me quizzically.

"Thank you sir, that was wonderful" I complimented.

At that the man started to laugh, "I told ye once, ye dont need be callin me no sir. Me names mattimeo, but you can call me matt."

"Yes sirrrr....i mean matt." I caught myself.

"and what be yas name?" Matt asked.

"my name............" i trailed off try to remember my name, but all that came to mind was blankness. I couldn't remember my own name.

"Can't remember eh?" matt said seeming to read my mind again, "Well till ye do, just pick yas one."

hmmm to pick myself a name, that was a good idea. I began to think of names that i would like, then one stood out and made me laugh to myself. It fit perfectly with what i can remember, as i looked at matt in a small chuckle simular to his i said, "My names Goat."

"Well that there be a good name, goat." matt chuckled back, "So where ya be headed?"

"well i aint got no place to go, i dont even know where i am, or how i got here." I replied.

"Hmm... if ye want ye can stay here, it would be nice to have some company and help." matt suggested.

"don't you have a wife or anything though?" I asked.

"Aye i did, but she gone away bout a year ago. That stupid castle and king made a lot of people poor, and i couldn't get her no doctor when she got sick. I swear i'll have me revenge on that kindomship for her death." Matt replied tears and hatred springing to his eyes.

"Then i don't mind sticking around and helping out, what would you like me to do first?" I asked trying to bring his mind off the past.

"Well me need some wood, an ye look like a nice strong lad" matt said questionly.

"Ok where do i get it from?" I asked.

"There be an ax on the side of the house, ye would have to be going past that meadow yonder there an get a tree from the forest line. one would be enough, chop it nice and small and bring yon peices back here." Matt said sighingly glad to not have to do it.

"Ok i'll be back when i'm done." I said standing up and heading towards the door.

"One more thing lad," Matt quickly piped up, "Do watch for yonder guards, they be the kings enforcers and they love to pick on us villagers."

"dont worry bout me matt, i'll stay clear of em." i replied with a smile, taking caution to matts words.

As i walked outside and around the house, i found the small axe leaning against the side wall, with weeds growing up the handle. It must've been a while since matt went and gathered wood, o well i'll bring him enough to repay for the food and drink which had made me feel a lot stronger and awake than when i first woke up in the field. I begun walking across that very place, and as i passed the creature from which came my name, i started to whistle a tune i didn't know, or where it came from, but i didn't care i just kept walking and whistling across the meadow.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Torch....Forest....oh my

"ooohhh my head..." Torch groaned sitting up....

"Shhhh......" Forest said quietly, " we're not in our world anymore...."

As Torch groaned some more, Forest shot him and evil look and motioned for him to look out the broke out window. Torch slowly got to his feet his head still pounding like a jackhammer, and stumbled over to the window. Torch bout threw up, all around the buildings were half burnt or sucked of life, and what affected him the most was all the dead bodies around. It was like a horror movie come to live, there was people half hanging out of the windows and others like cold corpses on the side walk and streets. The things and people that didnt look like they'd have everybreath pulled from them were killed by some kind of puncher wounds.

"Where are we?" Torch asked getting sick.

"I dont know but i think we're in the future!" Forest wispered, "What plants that haven't been sucked of light and life have been burnt to the ground. I know longer have any powers in this place."

"Well lets take a look around and see what we can find," Torch said wiping vommit from his mouth.

As the two headed towards the door, they heard a loud screeching that made them drop to the ground holding thier ears. As they looked at each other they knew who had made those screems, then they really knew it when they heard a mans voice boom out in challenge. "Lets go, i'll tear those wings, like plucking em off a butterfly!!!" As Torch and Forest looked towards the window they saw a car fly past. The two rushed over and looked out the window.... down on the ground they couldn't believe what they saw. It was Polar except he was twice his normal size and looked more like a polarbear then a man, his arms were completly iced over and his muscles bulged as his eyes glowed a deep blue. Then the two looked in the direction the car was thrown, and fear started to grip them, there flying high and beeming down in hatred was Cove fully mutated and barely a hint of human left in him, as his wings made a helicopter sound quiet his glowing red eyes burned into Polar.

"What's going on here?" Forest wispered in question to himself.

Just as if they were waiting for the question, Polar and Cove exploded into their fight. Torch was watching polar and forest Cove, all of a sudden Torch grabbed Forest and yanked him across the floor as a 2100 ford came crashing through the window. torch watched cars passing the window in blurring speed as polar easily tossed them at the gaint creature of the sky. Then it was Forest's turn to react, he grabbed Torch and pulled him towards the door.... Just as they made it through Cove let out a screech blowing wall, glass, and car towards them. Torch and Forest blacked out as they were knocked down the stairs by the debree...........the last thing Torch heard was another Challenge from Polar, "I'm gonna kill you or be killed Today!!!" Cove responded, but Torch didn't hear as the blackness took him.................